About The Mannerly Mutt


The Mannerly Mutt was founded by Megan Lundberg in 2012. From a young age I knew I wanted to work with dogs and had plans to become a veterinarian. After pursuing a college degree for several years at Colorado State University I discovered my interest in behavior and how animals (and humans!) learn. The combined love of dogs with my newfound passion for learning about behavior lead to the path of dog training. I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College, having received my certification as a Certified Dog Trainer. I am also a member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, am a parent educator through Family Paws, and have taken a pet first aid class and am CPR certified.

I use positive reinforcement based training methods to reward good behaviors, and to prevent and extinguish unwanted behaviors. Trainers that have influenced me include Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller, Paul Owens, Jean Donaldson, Susan Garrett, Sophia Yin, Emily Larlham, Chirag Patel, Donna Hill, and Grisha Stewart among others. I continue to read new materials to learn the latest in dog training methods and techniques and to work toward further dog trainer certifications.

At home, I am the proud owner of two Siberian huskies, two cats, and a 2-legged toy poodle. My husband and I enjoy hiking, playing music, camping, riding bikes, and having fun! With the huskies I do dryland mushing and skijoring, and also participate in dog agility and lure coursing.

After starting The Mannerly Mutt I volunteered regularly at a county shelter in Bonita, California for over 2 years while in San Diego to offer enrichment and training, and also fostered nearly 20 dogs for the Humane Society, Dept. of Animal Services, and local rescues.


Meet the crew!


Denali: Siberian husky, female, born Feb. 16th, 2010. Nicknames: Nali, Nali Ball, Perfect Precious Poofy Princess Prissy-Pants Prancy-Paws.
From an outstanding, responsible, ethical breeder in southern California, Denali’s favorite things are head scratches, belly rubs, chasing bunnies, agility, and bully sticks. She has outstanding social skills with other dogs.

Kaytu: Siberian husky, female, born Feb. 2010. Nicknames: K2-D2, Tutu, Crazy Kay, Kaykay.
Found as a neglected stray in Los Angeles at a year and a half old before being rescued, Kaytu’s favorite things are running, running, and running. She is a lovebug and a goofball. She is named after the second tallest mountain in the world, K2.

Amaze-Bobb: Toy poodle, male, born 2005? Birthday unknown but celebrated January 20th. Nicknames: Bobbles, Bobblet, Bibbity Bobb, Bawb.
Taken by animal control in the Compton area of Los Angeles, Amaze-Bobb had suffered torturous neglect for a decade. Without any grooming, his fur became a tightly matted pelt that cut off circulation to two of his legs which ultimately self-amputated. He also lost most of his teeth. Read his full story here. Despite his painful past Bobb is, as his name suggests, amazing! His favorite things are belly rubs, food, learning new tricks, cuddling, exploring, and meeting new people. Check him out on Facebook.

We also have two indoor cats, Zebulon and Everest, born in 2008. Everyone gets along great!
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