Private Lessons
In-home private lessons are customized and designed to fit you, your family, and your needs while focusing on the skills your dog needs most. We will teach important cues and behaviors to your dog and learn how to prevent or change unwanted behaviors.

Dogs & Families
In-home consultations and lessons supplemented with Family Paws material. Specifically designed for families with babies, toddlers, and young children, or who are expecting.

Day Training
When you’re not at home, day training is a fantastic supplement to your regular daily training and exercise activities. Your puppy or adult dog is provided with additional mental stimulation to relieve boredom or anxiety, develop confidence, expend energy in a constructive way, and practice specific exercises.

Mushing: Intro Seminar
Dryland mushing (like dog sledding but without the snow) is a great activity for dogs of many breeds. In this humans only seminar you will learn the basics of this exciting, fun, dog-powered sport including safety, equipment, setup, paw care, and more.

Mushing: Group Class*
In a group class setting, your dog will practice the foundation skills, cues, and etiquette of mushing.
*You must complete the Intro Seminar before joining the group class with your dog.

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