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dog training baby toddler child the mannerly mutt dog training baby toddler child the mannerly mutt

“I’m pregnant! What does my dog need to know? What do we need to know?”
“How do we prepare our dog for our newborn? Should we bring home the baby blanket?”
“Our dog licks our baby, is this ok?”
“The dog lets our toddler climb on him, it’s so cute! Should we allow this?”
“How can we tell if our dog likes our baby?”
“We have a large dog, is our baby going to be safe?”
“Having a baby is overwhelming and we have no time, should we rehome our dog?”

Having a baby is a big change for everyone, including your dogs! In-home consultations and lessons are specifically designed for expectant parents, families with babies, toddlers, and young children. If you have a dog and are expecting a baby or adopting, if you have babies or toddlers and are thinking of adding a puppy or dog, or if you already have kids and dogs together, an educational and informative consultation will help interactions and training stay on track. Learn how to manage and keep your dogs and kids safe, and help your kids and dogs form healthy, trusting, and safe relationships with each other.

Did something concerning or scary already happen? Behavior concerns and incidents between kids and dogs will be discussed. Patterns in behaviors will be explored to form a custom training and management plan to build and maintain appropriate interactions between dogs and children with the goal to create a safe environment for dogs and kids alike, and to prevent future incidents.

As a Family Paws Parent Educator, consultations are supplemented with information and handouts from Family Paws!

Consultations are 1.5-2 hours: $115
Followup 4 session package, 1 hour each: $235


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