Dear Megan,

Yesterday, Brynn escaped our backyard through an open gate.  When Melanie went out front, Brynn was racing around the yard very excited and, of course, would not let Melanie near her.  Melanie ran inside, got the clicker and treat bag, and with one click she got Brynn to come right to her.  That first-day training session may have saved her life!  I just wanted to tell you this success story before our next session.


Brynn, the 7 month old Boston terrier/pug mix owned by Neil and Melanie, was initially startled by the clicker sound but after some hard work learning to sit and lay down she’d made a connection that may have saved her life just two days after her first lesson. Good thinking Neil and Melanie!

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Our puppy Clarke graduated from The Mannerly Mutt today. His trainer Megan is kind, patient, and knowledgeable. Clarke is a Australian shepherd/cattle dog mix and is very high strung. Megan has taught Clarke so many different tasks, and has made our lives and his so much happier and less stressful. By seeing Megan’s own dogs, you can tell what a great dog owner she is, they are impeccable and obedient. We look forward to our next training with Clarke and Megan, which is agility, but that will be when Clarke gets older. Anyone who wants their pet to have one on one training from this wonderful trainer, I encourage you to email her or leave her a message, she will return your messages promptly, one of the reasons we chose The Mannerly Mutt.

Clarke was a joy to train!

dog training the mannerly mutt


My little pup Faith graduated from Basic Obedience this weekend.  She is already much more attentive and mellow.  My best friend and I enrolled our 3 dogs together in a semi private class of just the three of us.  I loved that Megan was flexible with our meeting location and meeting times as our schedules were hectic, to say the least.  Megan was always quick to respond to all of our inquiries and even invited us to contact her with any concerns even though the class is over.  The classes were just long enough to keep our puppies’ attention and tire them out.  I loved the individual attention each pup got while we were practicing with our dogs.  Megan was gentle and the dogs loved her.  If there was extra time after learning the planned behaviors for the day we were able to work on skills we wanted our dogs to learn.  We ended up learning shake, leave it and even roll over as well as targeted some problem areas like jumping and digging.  Megan followed every session with a followup email that was always encouraging and included a step by step break down reminder of the behaviors we had learned.  She even gave us a great treat recipe.  Practicing the behaviors at home was the key to really locking in the behavior and it was nice to have something to refer back to if needed.  The class price was reasonable, to say the least and she offered us an incentive for enrolling multiple puppies. I look forward to enrolling Faith in more classes with Megan and the Mannerly Mutt as they come available!

Batman, Faith, and Robin graduated together. They all passed with flying colors!



I was in search of a dog trainer for our new Rottweiler rescue, Rocket.  Rocket was one year old when we got him from the shelter five months ago and had never been in a home so he has resource guarding and food guarding.  Because of this, we really wanted a professional trainer to help us with him.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect but WOW, did our family get lucky when we met Megan.

Megan is extremely intelligent, very thorough on her training methods with the “why’s” behind the methods, and she is passionate, patient, & dedicated to her clients and her profession.  These combined with her calm and structured nature, make her a fantastic dog trainer!

Megan has been training Rocket in one-on-one sessions for 8 weeks & Rocket just graduated from her “Pups in Public” class.  The progression in his training and the way he responds to Megan and us, really allowed us to see his potential.  Because of his progress and the information Megan has provided and shown me, we have a much, much better understanding of Rocket and how to communicate with him and read him.  I can even identify calming signals from him & know what they are now!

It is an entirely new level of bonding with your dog that she has opened our world up to.  If you are looking for a trainer….please give Megan a call!  Your pet will love you for it!

It’s been so wonderful to see the progress Rocket has made. Progress would not have been possible without the outstanding, unfailing dedication and hard work of his owners!

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(This was a dog at a shelter I worked with in 2013: I’ve been working so hard with a dog named Sugar at County of San Diego Department of Animal Services south shelter in Bonita. The first day I worked with her, I chose her because she was so out of control. Constantly jumping, pulling hard and lunging on leash, would not take treats or even follow them, would not play with toys. All she did was run in circles and bounce off me, throwing her weight against me and digging her nails into my leg. Who would want a dog like that? Nobody. She was not very adoptable, so I dedicated myself to her and have been working with her twice a week every week for nearly 2 months. The staff at the shelter was so impressed with her behavior improvement that they ok’d her to go to adoption events. She was not adopted at this particular event, but here are the comments from the wonderful volunteer who handled her during the events. In the photo below, Sugar is on the left and her new friend Kitty is on the right.)

As the old saying goes “you cannot judge a book by its cover” so applies to this precious girl Sugar. What a joy it was to handle her on Saturday.

Our day started great as she was another “road trip candidate” riding in the car – so well behaved. I knew the minute we arrived at the event it was going to be a good day as she was so good with all the dogs especially that smaller group. No reaction to their usual barking at her, actually greeting them very nicely as she did all the dogs she met. She formed a very special bond with the dog Kitty from Central [shelter]. You would think they had been kenneled together. Kitty being a bit more dominant in some ways, but that was perfectly ok with Sugar. Sugar knows sit very [well], responds to the command OFF which was great as she enjoys people so much she tends to want to jump as many dogs will do.

Once settled in she thoroughly enjoyed her treats, taking them ever so gently. Sugar exhibited absolutely zero food aggression when her and Kitty were given treats simultaneously side by side. Their behavior together was remarkable given they are both females, both in the age range of 17-18 months old. Sugar would do best in a home with another canine, with children probably over 8 as she is still very puppy . One last note, Sugar took a bit of time warming up to me but as the day progressed it was evident that she would be a very loving dog in no time at all was given that forever home. Sugar is already another favorite with me!

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan did wonders with our rescue Shih-tzu! During our first session our dog could not tune out anything around him. Megan even had to chase a bird away to keep our dog from losing focus! haha
Although our little guy still has some ways to go, it is like night and day. We’ve kept working at home, using Megan’s tips and recommendations and walks are now enjoyable! Yes, he still gets excited when he sees other dogs, but the last few days he hasn’t even barked at them! Can you believe that Megan?!

I would definitely recommend the Mannerly Mutt. Megan is calm, knows what she’s talking about and can clearly teach and explain the hows and the whys.

I’m glad to hear he is doing so well! Our first session we spent the entire hour getting him to sit a few times, and I think we only got him to lay down twice. Patience and positive training methods pay off!

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan is a great teacher.  Her obedience class was small allowing us to receive a lot of focused attention.  Her methods really work, and our dog took to them quickly.  Whenever we had questions, she was available and willing to answer them.  After every class she sent a follow-up email tailored specifically to our dog and our questions.  Even more, she was incredibly flexible about doing a a make-up lesson, when he had to miss one of the classes.

We also do a private lesson with Megan to help our dog with some separation anxiety issues.   She offered great advice about how to make him feel more comfortable at home when he is left alone.  We continue to work on this, but have definitely seen marked improvement.

One of my own dogs has separation anxiety issues and it is always a work in progress to help the dog feel calm and secure when left alone. Keep up the good work!

dog training the mannerly mutt


Our Vizsla started puppy kindergarten with Megan and just graduated. Megan was very accommodating with us when we were able to start taking classes and even offered private lessons at home.  Jayce learned a lot in the class and really enjoyed his puppy socialization playtime! She was also very thorough and followed through with emails after each class explaining what we learned. She is also fast to respond with any questions or problems you may have.  Thanks Megan!

Jayce, as a typical vizsla, has a lot of energy and always wants to be on the move. It was wonderful to see his progress over the weeks as he was able to pay attention for longer periods of time before needing a break. Way to go Jayce!

dog training the mannerly mutt


We got our pooch from the shelter about 6 weeks ago. He came in as a stray so we knew nothing about his past except that he was at the shelter for one month and was starved for attention and discipline.

Megan was such a great teacher. She really helped facilitate the learning process and was able to explain each “trick” so that it was easy for us and our dog to learn. In addition, she answered all of our questions, addressed our concerns, and gave us positive reinforcement when he made improvements. We were very proud of our dog when he graduated today. He has come such a long way in just four weeks. Thanks Megan!

It was incredible to see how he was able to gain more attention and focus over the weeks. Awesome progress!

dog training the mannerly mutt


Today our “Trio” graduated from basic obedience class with trainer Megan .  We knew going in that getting three 8 week old puppies was going to be a challenge, but after this 4 session training class, I feel confident that we all can live a happy, fun, loving,controlled, tail wagging life together.  Thank you Megan for your guidance and direction.  We look forward to more class in the near future for our trio with their wonderful trainer Megan.

These puppies are quite the cute handful and have been so much fun to train so far! It’s tough to raise littermates together but these puppies are off to a wonderful start thanks to the patience and devotion of their owners.

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Megan is a great trainer! My little Snickers was at the Bonita shelter for more than 6 months, and of course came with some behavioral issues. Snickers is my second Chihuahua, and I could not get her to listen to anything I was trying, so I assumed that the breed was not trainable. Megan assured me that there was hope for her yet, and as it turned out, she was so right, I needed the training just as much as Snickers did! It took nearly 2 weeks to get her to “sit”, and then after that, she picked up everything so much more quickly. Snickers had learned how to learn. On the last class she learned 2 tricks in one session. To walk between my legs in a circle or figure out, and to spin – so cute!

Megan is very accessible, always answers emails in a timely fashion, and responds in detail. After each class, she sends a follow up email with an in depth tutorial on the commands learned in class. I found these emails very helpful, as I do not always remember everything from class.

Our first lesson was a “make up” lesson, since I was unable to attend class. It was a life saver because I was able to bring my father to that lesson. Snickers had been nipping at him. Megan gave us pointers and tips on how to ease the tension between them, and I am happy to report that while Snickers has not exactly taken to him, she has not bit him since that first lesson.

I highly recommend Megan as a trainer.  She not only donates her time and talents at the shelter, but offers free training for dogs from the Bonita shelter. She really is a rock star!

In our first lesson we spent an hour trying to get Snickers to sit and she wouldn’t. It was really cool to see her learning new tricks so easily by the last lesson! Even better that she is developing some trust and a bond with the father. No breed is untrainable!

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan, I would like to thank you for all your help with our pups, I’m happy we went through this whole training with them, and we have gotten closer with our pups. I know it makes them happy and us, we could not have done this without your help or guidance so thank you so much. We really appreciate all the training. I’m glad we found you, and learned a positive fun way to teach and learn with our pups. I always wanted to have a true bond with my dogs and it feels like I’m getting that now that I have learned so much.

Pebbles the husky and Jack the poodle mix have been really fun to train. With positive reinforcement training dogs and owners are both having fun, and relationships between owner and dog become stronger and closer.

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan is absolutely great. She truly cares about the animals she is working with and finds time in every lesson to individually work with each person in the class. She also sets time aside to discuss any individual concerns her clients may have, either in class or out. She is extremely easy to get in touch with in case you have any questions whatsoever. Megan also starts each class with a very informative overview of what you will be learning. She’s very personable and genuinely is invested in her clients.

So far, I’ve taken two classes with her and they have both been amazing.

Bear started in Puppy Kindergarten and went on to Pups in Public. It was great to see a shy puppy come out of his shell, learn to play, and go on to learn the skills taught in PiP as he became more confident and social. I strive to help to each dog and their owners have the healthiest relationship and the happiest lives together!

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan is a trainer with a Midas touch. She clearly has a passion to train dogs. From the first training session my family knew we had made the right choice in selecting lessons from Megan. Megan has a great positive style of training that our puppy Fonzie took to right away. I was just so amazed at how quickly he learned. After his 4 week of lessons Fonzie has graduated. From Megan’s style of teaching I am confident in teaching Fonzie new and advanced behaviors. Thanks Megan, we really appreciate your work!

Positive methods that teach a dog what you want work much faster than traditional methods. There are a million ways to do something wrong that could be punished, so teach one right way, reward it, and your dog will shine! Fonzie was a star student and will be a fast learner with new tricks.

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan has a very special gift with dogs.  She connected with Kizzy (our Rhodesian Ridgeback) from the very first lesson at our home and she taught us how to train our puppy in a calm and positive way.  We will continue use the techniques she taught us with our daily training.  We would recommend her to any new or experienced dog owner.  We have used her private services and also the group “pups in public” class.  She is very deserving of 5 stars!

It’s been a lot of fun training with Kizzy and her family!

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I have a 2 year old Vizsla and they are notoriously “slow to mature.”  He’s a love but we’ve had a lot of problems training him. He also has severe separation anxiety & in general needs a lot of attention. Megan has been absolutely fabulous in helping us train Scout. Prior to Megan I hired 2 separate very high priced trainers & they taught us exactly nothing. 1 was supposed to be a Vizsla expert but, Megan is the one.  She’s still working with him as new issues come up and he grows out of puppyhood but that is inherent in the breed. We highly recommend her and the Mannerly Mutt.  She’s well educated, dependable, affordable, she loves animals and most beneficial of all, she nets results. If there were 10 stars, I’d check them!  If she can train a Vizsla, she can train any dog!!

Each dog is an individual with their own needs, strengths, and areas that need some work. Vizslas are known for their very high energy level, and Scout has come so far since I first met him. Consistency- and lots of patience- wins the day!

dog training the mannerly mutt


I was looking for a trainer for my pitbull pup. Found Mannerly Mutt on Yelp and glad I did. Megan worked very well with my family and I. She is very patient, caring, and you can tell she loves what she does. I had used training classes through Pet Smart years ago for my other dog and can say Megan’s classes are more personal and take place outdoors vs inside a store. She really takes her time with you & your pet. She never leaves in a hurry and is always asking if we have any questions or concerns. She even sends out weekly emails on the class progress and is always available if needed. She is even cheaper then a well know pet store. Glad I found her and will be using her again in the future.

Any dog, any age, any size, any breed, any questions, I’m always happy to help in any way I can. Outdoor classes can be very challenging but it’s great to see the dogs getting more focus and attention throughout the course of the class. Dogs are given breaks during each lesson to sniff and relax as it’s important to let dogs be dogs!

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My 8 month old Pomeranian, Luka, just graduated from Basic Obedience. He had 4 private training sessions, spaced out every 2 weeks. He perfected the command “sit” and learned the following ones: “down”, “stand” (on 4 legs) , “up” (stand of two back legs), ” yoga” (aka “bow” or “stretch”), ” touch”, “leave it”, “come”, “wait”, “paw”, and “focus”. These tricks later translated into a better behavior altogether.  On his last training session we even started to work on loose-leash walking. As for Megan, she is the best and Luka loves her. He got really excited every time he saw her. She was so understanding whenever I had to change the date or time of our sessions. She would always answer any questions I ever had and gave helpful tips. Every session is followed by an email with reminders of what was learned in class and PDFs containing further insight into each trick. It is incredibly affordable, so that is a very important aspect for me. Please do not hesitate, Megan is the best you can find!

Luka learned all the cues taught in the Basic Obedience class, and the one-on-one lessons provided time to learn a lot of tricks too! Private lessons allow for flexibility in scheduling, which is great if you have crazy work hours or scheduling conflicts with group classes.

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan was great!  We did a one hour private session and she gave us some great tips and links to videos that were definitely helpful.  She also assessed our little Charlie bug to see what level of class he could handle.  We subsequently signed up for Pups In Public which addressed our areas of need.  It was right in line with what we had to work on with our shy dog.  We still have more work to do, but we will just continue on with what we learned from Megan and I’m confident he will continue to progress in the right direction.

Megan was also flexible with the schedule for us on the last class (long story but her accommodating us is much appreciated!).  She also let me borrow a book she had, so generous and helpful!  She shows great integrity with her fostering shelter animals and working with them to help make them adoptable.  And she will refer on if there is something she is unable to help with.

I definitely recommend her services.

Good luck with your puppy/dog issues!

Shy dogs take a lot of patience, praise, and support. Charlie is really coming out of his shell and learning to enjoy going to new places and experiencing new things.

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan is the best! She absolutely knows exactly what she’s doing with your dog, she is so knowledgeable and helpful with any issues your dog may have. I’ve done 3 classes with her and tomorrow is my dogs graduation! But last week my dog wasn’t taking treats, he was very distracted but Megan was still able to train him things without treats! She rocks and I would recommend her to everyone!

Using treats is usually the fastest and most effective way to teach a new behavior but sometimes dogs are too distracted, excited, or simply not hungry. Other rewards like play and toys, praise, and petting and affection can also be effective. We can also use “functional rewards” and allow the dog to have access to what it wants which is a reward in itself. For example if your dog wants to go outside, have him sit at the door. The reward for sitting is that the door opens, giving him what he wants.

dog training the mannerly mutt


I looked at several dog trainers in the area and decided to go with The Mannerly Mutt. I’m so happy I did! Megan is a great professional with a passion for dogs and training them properly.
Megan is up on all the recent professional dog training techniques and methods and is a wealth of knowledge on all things related to owning and training a dog.
I highly recommend Megan for all your dog training needs.

Training is so much fun with positive methods! Teaching common cues, and preventing or changing unwanted behaviors, doesn’t have to involve fear, pain, intimidation, or force.

dog training the mannerly mutt


I took my little 3 year old terrier mix (Jack) to The Mannerly Mutt for a basic obedience class.  Megan was great.  Very patient, clear, gentle and totally believes in positive reinforcement as a learning technique.  Jack did wonderfully well and passed the final test with flying colors.  I got him from the shelter in May and, while he was a very good dog, he didn’t know “sit”, “down”, etc., basic commands.  He responded immediately to Megan’s training techniques and now knows sit, down, stay, touch (that one needs a little work), come, focus and is on his way to mastering the last technique which is walking without pulling on the leash.  I’m so glad I decided to take the class.  AND, she offers so many other classes as well so you can take your dog as far as you want.  Really worth it!!

I had a lot of fun training with Jack and teaching basic skills and tricks. I met him at the shelter before he was adopted and I’m always amazed at how rescued dogs transform and how quickly they bond with their new owners!

IMG_6229_Jack crop


Megan is a super instructor!  She has a lot of patience with dogs as well as the master!  I like that she keeps classes small so that each student receives optimal attention and the master has time to ask questions!  She also provides review material after each lesson which comes in handy when forgetting certain techniques while training your dog. I highly recommend Megan!

Smaller class sizes allows individual attention for each student & dog during group lessons. Questions and behaviors pertaining to each dog can be discussed.

dog training the mannerly mutt


We recently decided to expand our pooch family and adopted a beautiful 2 year old Rottweiler mix from the Bonita Animal Shelter.  We talked about dog obedience prior to adopting Miss Ivy but were undecided.  Our adoption packet had a pamphlet for The Mannerly Mutt and after checking out the website and yelp we decided to give it a go.  Neither of us had ever been to dog training prior to this, though both of us have been life long dog owners and “thought we knew how to train”.  Well … we didn’t!  We learned so much from Megan and the 4 week (1 hour each week) Basic Obedience I Class — it was more training for us than for Ivy. HA!  Megan uses treat and clicker rewards to motivate and tell the dogs when they’ve done the desired action.  Training your dog to do the right thing (trick, command, etc) involves proper placement of you and your hand, proper movement of your hand to “lure” the dog into position, praise, and treat/click — plus adding the spoken command once they understand what you’re trying to get them to do.

Ivy was a natural (such a people pleaser!) and we also have started her methods on our stubborn 10 year old Jackihuahua (Jack Russell/Chihuahua Mix) and it works!

Megan also takes amazing photos of dogs — she captured Ivy’s personality and goofiness to the core.  It was so heartwarming and sweet to know that Ivy had a friend in Megan while she was still a shelter dog — Megan volunteers there and had many photos and stories to share with us of Ivy prior to her adoption.  She’s in this for the dogs and it shows.

I would 100% recommend Megan to any dog owner, new or old, puppy or adult — you’ll be surprised at what you and your fur friend learn.  We will be taking “Pups in Public” soon with both dogs.

Thank you Megan!

Ivy made an impression on me right away at the shelter with her incredibly sweet personality, and her tongue sticking out! It is always so rewarding for me to meet dogs at the shelter and then see them in amazing, loving homes like Ivy now is.

dog training the mannerly mutt


Megan was a wonderful teacher. During class, my dog would work on the skills she would teach for short periods and often get distracted. Megan understood this and encouraged reinforcing the skills at home where he would be more comfortable and not distracted. This clearly worked for him as he’s now more able to follow the commands we learned in class in public. She also gave us tips on curving some behaviors such as biting too hard when he is playful which is paying off. Megan is very knowledgeable about dog behaviors and helpful in connecting with your dog . Highest recommendation.

Outdoor classes in public areas are distracting. I always encourage owners to not be discouraged if their dog is having trouble paying attention. Take frequent breaks, reward offered attention generously, learn the skills in class and practice at home. I’m always amazed at how much a dog’s attention and focus can improve in just a few weeks!

dog training the mannerly mutt